Triton Container Sales has grown into a company with a strategic focus on meeting the needs of our industry partners.

Triton Container Sales sells new shipping containers, used shipping containers and storage containers to customers in a wide range of industries who require superior customer support and known quality products. Triton Container Sales is a highly valued supplier with unique capabilities to provide a global solution to meet our customers’ needs.

Container Dealers

Container dealers around the world have come to depend on Triton Container Sales for known quality containers, ready and available when they need them.

Steel shipping containers, primarily 20,' 40,' and 40' high cube shipping containers, are the product of choice from our dealer partners. Triton Container Sales is happy to provide delivery service to our dealer customers.

In some cases dealers will order new cargo containers with their specifications, delivered to them on a one-way basis from Asia.

Leading integrated global logistics providers and international freight forwarding firms have come to rely on Triton Container Sales for providing cargo-worthy containers to fill the critical needs of their most demanding customers. When logistics providers have unique needs, such as moving a factory from one continent to another or simply providing a “shipper owned” shipping container to a small business, they trust Triton Container Sales for quality and consistent availability of cargo-worthy shipping containers.

Triton Container Sales not only sells containers for Triton International Limited, one of the world's largest marine container leasing companies, we also sell shipping containers for the world's largest ocean carriers. Triton International and Triton Container Sales provide end-to-end solutions for the world's largest ocean carriers. We take the headaches out of managing shipping container sales for the owned fleet of ocean carriers by providing global redelivery locations, premium prices and sale terms. Please contact us to discuss your fleet sale needs.

Triton Container Sales is a valued partner to the on-site storage industry. We are a service-oriented company known for providing quality cargo containers in the right places – where our customers need them.

The portable storage industry provides a critical service to commercial and residential customers. Cargo containers used for the portable storage industry provide a safe, secure, on-site alternative to expensive off-site storage facilities. Once retired from marine use, cargo containers are painted, refurbished and rebranded for service in the portable storage industry. They are delivered on tilt-bed trailers to construction contractors, schools, universities and retailers who find the ease of use of rugged steel cargo containers a safe and secure storage solution.

Triton Container Sales is a proud charter member of the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA). NPSA is a non-profit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry.

Multinational construction and engineering firms have complex logistics requirements to get their projects supported with critical supplies of materials and machinery. In many cases, sourcing and mobilizing large volumes of cargo-worthy shipping containers for export can be a daunting task. Triton Container Sales has been a valued supply partner to such large international firms as Bechtel, SNC Lavalin and Kellogg Brown and Root, among others. Our global capability has not only been valuable in terms of supply of cargo-worthy shipping containers, but also providing disposal solutions once their containers finish their mission. This is particularly valuable in developing nations, where there is not easily known resale opportunities.

When international moving companies or removals firms need a dependable source of cargo-worthy steel shipping containers for their customers, they call Triton Container Sales. Whether it’s a residential or commercial customer, Triton Container Sales can provide used cargo-worthy steel shipping containers at their point of origin. Additionally, Triton Container Sales’ global network will assist in selling the container when discharged at destination.

Triton Container Sales and Triton International have taken pride in servicing military and government projects around the world. Over the years, we have supplied containers to both U.S. and European militaries and governments.

Triton Container Sales has long been a supporter of the housing development potential of used shipping containers. We have provided steel shipping containers to project developers, leading edge architects and contractors for residential, commercial and artistic projects. We view used shipping containers as a critical building block in the development of sustainable housing. This is an exciting new market that is just beginning to reach its global potential.